Academician Miao Changwen serves as Associate Editor of a top international periodical in the field of civil engineering materials

By 吳嬋Viewed 13 2020-01-14

[Southeast University News Network, Jan. 10] (Correspondent: Feng Pan) In the morning of Jan. 7, the cooperation meeting between Southeast University and the top international journal “Cement and Concrete Composites” (hereinafter referred to as “CCC”) in the field of civil engineering materials was held at Jiulonghu Campus. Prof. Nemkumar Banthia, Editor-in-Chief of CCC, Academician of the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada and the Royal Academy of Engineering, and Professor of the University of British Columbia, Prof. Miao Changwen, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of Southeast University Academic Committee, Huang David, Vice President of Southeast University, principals in charge of the Personnel Office, the International Cooperation Office, the Scientific Research Institute, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, etc. attended the meeting.

At the meeting, as invited by Prof. Nemukar Banthia, Editor-in-Chief of CCC, Academician Miao Changwen of Southeast University will serve as Associate Editor of the journal ever since Jan. 1, 2020.

Vice President Huang Dawei extended his warm welcome to Prof. Banthia on behalf of Southeast University. He said that the establishment of the editorial department of CCC in Southeast University represented its affirmation of Southeast University’s related disciplines and an honor for Southeast University. Southeast University will fully support the work of the editorial department.

As introduced by Editor-in-Chief Banthia, it is the first time that CCC has set up an editorial branch outside the chief editorial unit. In view of the rapid development of CCC in recent years, the number of CCC submissions continues to increase, especially from China. At the same time, considering the great contribution made by the team led by Academician Miao Changwen of Southeast University in the field of cement concrete, it was decided to set up a CCC editorial branch in Southeast University to process the manuscripts in a more quick and efficient manner.

It is reported that there are currently 4 associate editors of “Cement and Concrete Composites”, of which 3 come from the United States. CCC mainly publishes the latest progress made in cement concrete materials, including the preparation, application and service performance of cement-based materials.

Submitted by: the School of Materials Science and Engineering

(Editor-in-charge: Tang Tang, reviewed by: Li Xiaonan)